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Over 100 years of combined senior franchise and business leadership experience developing franchise and business networks domestically and internationally. Expertise gained through "real world" experience working with over 35 Franchise Concepts in 28 Industries and in over 34,000 Units. 

Our Approach


Being a Franchisor is not for the faint of heart. It is a multi-discipline and customer facing methodology. Challenging, but also extremely rewarding, based on how you run your business. The Kirschner Group utilizes a step by step process to understand the dynamics of your business. We start by understanding your business through research. We then meet with you, your team, and your franchisees and complete the FranCheckUp, a comprehenzive review of your franchise business. Following the review we analyze our findings, and make recommendations for improvement in a prioritized Improvement Action Plan. We will then work with you to implement the Action Plan. There are a number of services that we  provide to  Franchisors and  Franchisees to improve and grow the business.  

 We believe in getting to know our clients, and developing long term relationships founded on trust, respect, and open communications. Our process is not a lot of hype and lofty concepts. We use our experience to dig into the "nuts and bolts" business elements that will determine  your success. 

Simply put,we Research- Review- Analyze- Recommend- Implement!

Why Us?


We care about your success! We are a rare breed of senior level consultants who embrace the functional area details, and yes, "the devil is in  the details". We can create strategic plans and have planning discussions at the highest levels, and we can also jump in the trenches, rolling up our sleeves, and embrace the necessary details of implementation and tactical execution.

We know what it takes to create and grow a successful Franchise business. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and your business and help you exceed your goals.


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